How much should I exercise?

Though our genes must hardly change, our practice has been changed almost beyond recognition throughout the past 40,000 years, particularly after the industrial change. There is rising evidence that resulting mismatch fosters that commonly cause 75% of all deaths in Western states, but that are unique to persons whose lifestyles match those of our pre-agricultural ancestors.

Our ancestors, and surviving tribes that model their lifestyles did NOT die from the “diseases of lifestyle.” We also know that they had significantly different exercise, energy expenditure, and physical fitness levels than modern industrialized activity patterns.

The ACSM’s recommended activity levels are only about 44% of the energy expenditure levels observed among hunter-gatherers. In other words, modern industrial humans are all deficient on exercise resulting in sickness.

Our ancestors had the bone density, muscle mass, body composition, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, strength, agility, core strength, and attractiveness of today’s elite cross-training athletes (decathletes). What we now call elite is just normal. What we now call normal is unfit, unhealthy, and unattractive. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors physical exertion patterns likely resembled cross-training, not the more focused regimens of pure runners or weightlifters; activities analogous to both aerobic conditioning and straight training were thus integral components of their physical routine.

Although each day’s normal tasks needed at least some muscular effort and stamina newly studied hunter-gatherers tended to align their more strenuous exertion. Men usually hunted from two to four non-consecutive days a week, while women regularly gathered every 2-3 days.

The message is that our ancestors were active every day and had several days per week of high-intensity activity. They also chose leisure activities that involved physical exertion (dancing and other games). Also, virtually every day involved walking for an average of 15 km every day.

However, the exercises of our ancestors, while requiring, lacked the effectiveness of physical exercise managed according to the tenets of modern exercise physiology. Attaining similar physiological effects with less time expenditure might be possible. The best way to raise physical activity levels on a daily basis is to incorporate as much physical activity as possible into the normal living routine. Taking stairs, walking to work, walking to get groceries, cycling to work or shop, joining an activity club, organizing lunch break walks, finding active hobbies for after work rather than watching TV.

One of the greatest tragedies to me is that people now feel that elite athletes represent something unattainable. The reality is that what we now consider elite athletes were once the norm in every hunter-gatherer society.

There is a great deal of evidence to show that the strength, agility, stamina, power, bone density, body composition, and muscle mass of average hunter-gatherers was equal to that of today’s Olympic athletes.

We are all professional athletes. We all make a living from our physical and mental abilities, and our health determines our abilities more than anything else.

Understand that daily physical activity is a required nutrient, not a therapy or an option. Choosing to refrain from physical activity is a form of suicide. Love yourself and take care of yourself: you are too precious to do anything else.


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Sources of Protein

The body needs a lot of protein to so as to build and to repair lean muscle tissue and it’s essential to healthy hair and strong nails. It is also a main component in a variety of other things inside the human body, including cartilage and skin. Obviously, if you want a strong, healthy body you will need to eat protein every single day. Following are some of the alternative sources of protein if I don’t eat meat.

Whole grains: Whole grains are a fantastic alternative sources of protein if I don’t eat meat. If you’re looking for the number one whole grain, I recommend quinoa. It’s full of essential amino acids, which are necessary for good health. There are other whole grains that are great sources of protein as well. Consider brown rice, barley, flax, and whole grain breads for example. They are also cost-efficient, especially if you buy your whole grains in bulk.
Beans, lentils and legumes: All different types of these are excellent choices for your protein needs. Although the list here is far from complete, these are a few of the options you have when choosing beans for your protein needs. Black beans, split peas, chickpeas, kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans and many more options will all provide more than enough protein for your body’s needs.

Eggs: Eggs can supply you with many vitamins and minerals in addition the the quality protein you receive when eating them. Vitamin A, riboflavin, several of the vitamin Bs, calcium and potassium are the main benefits following the protein value in the natural, single-food source. Eggs are also one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D.

Soy and tofu: Soy is such a versatile product you’ll always find different ways to use it in your cooking. Soy is yet another fantastic alternative for assuring you achieve all your protein needs. Whether you choose tofu or other soy products such as soy milk, soy nuts or even soy cheese you can be assured you are definitely receiving appropriate amounts of protein in your diet. And for those of you who are trying to watch what you eat, but still crave some sort of sweet or dessert on occasion, you can even choose soy ice cream.

The bonus with many tofu and soy products is that they are fortified with other nutrients as well. Normally you will find they have additional calcium, vitamin B12 and iron added to them to ensure you get as much health benefit as possible from what you’re eating.

Hemp: Hemp seeds contain all of the essential fatty acids and amino acids your body requires to remain healthy. The seeds can be eaten raw, made into hemp milk (similar to soy milk), used for tea as well as other baking. The leaves can also be used as a part of your salad! Its protein benefits are comparable to other sources such as meat, milk, eggs and soy.

Whey: Whey is what’s left over once milk has been curdled and strained, such as in the process of making cheese. This is another alternative sources of protein if I don’t eat meat, and here’s a little explanation of why it’s one of the most popular choices of supplements to food sources. Whey protein surpasses even the egg white standard (the number one natural source of protein). This means it is even more efficient at being digest and absorbed by your small intestine while still in its original form. As a result of this, it’s thought that the amino acids from whey protein enter the blood stream faster than other sources of protein.



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In several years gone, an increasing number of people have started to understand the health benefits we all can gain from juicing. At a hotel or a nice restaurant, you may have sampled a delicious, freshly squeezed orange juice and thoroughly loved it. But if you have not sipped anything as intensely luscious as a mango-papaya-carrot blend, it must be said you still don’t know what an invigorating juice tastes like.

As well as enjoying some delicious and intensely flavored juice, your body will additionally receive the right amount of nutrition from fruits and vegetables in the juice. Juicing is a great-tasting and nutritious alternative to vitamins, for the reason that when you enjoy the fruits and vegetables in your juice, you subsequently benefit from the fruit fiber and vegetable protein that will normally be absent in vitamin pills.

Since there are many distinctive juicers in stores, everybody may experience the benefits of juicing at a relative and a fair price while still in the convenience of your kitchen. Juicers can be had for a bit more than two hundred dollars, and they could be used as great gifts for your friends and relations.

Diet is thought of by most health experts as a very vital issue regarding disease prevention. There are quite various health conditions that are especially prevalent in developed places, like Europe and America, yet have not previously been present in countries where people’s diets were made primarily of vegetables and fruits.

Experts residing in Africa for more than 30 years have yet to encounter any case of prostate cancer, colon cancer or diverticulitis. Experts assert that the sole explanation for the absence of those conditions is that African diets are chiefly composed of vegetables, while the sustenance in today’s cities contains mostly boxed, canned or frozen foods enhanced with flavorings and preservatives.

Juice Your Way to Health

An additional benefit from juicing is the ways that the natural fibers in the juice aid our food absorption and enable our bodies to get rid of pollutants, especially great if you’re looking to give your body a boost after a workout. Most often, packaging and cooking foods will eliminate the essential micro-nutrients you will encounter in natural foods. So by multiplying your natural vegetable and fruit consumption, and enjoying all the natural pulps and fibers through juicing, you assist your body to digest and process food efficiently. Living healthy makes a person more productive and reduces the chances of catching a host of illnesses.

Your body should have approximately one pound of vegetables for each 50 pounds of body weight. One complication many folks discover while eating unprocessed fruits and vegetables is that the texture and taste aren’t enjoyable in bigger servings. Kids have never been particularly fond of dining on fruits and vegetables, consequently juicing is an uncomplicated means for your young children to get the needed dose of nutrition without the problematic taste and texture.

In addition to these health benefits, juicing could be an easy way of receiving essential micro-nutrients and minerals necessary for the body to keep in good health. One of the most natural systems for establishing a juicing regimen is to sip your regular fruit and vegetable cocktail at the same time every day. You ought to also take note to enjoy the smoothie immediately.



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Raw Diet

Raw food diets usually bring us to the past occasions when cooked food wasn’t taken. As time passes, people learned ways to make or even burn up or roast food, but some debate that this is not likely the best thing about our health demands. A great number of are changing to raw food thinking that it could be a sensible way to lose weight and eat in style better acceptable to us naturally.

Anyone who is looking for a healthy lifestyle change might consider the raw food diet. This particular eating plan focuses on eating a primarily plant-based diet that does not cook most of the foods. The idea behind the diet is that cooking the foods will ultimately break down many of the healthy enzymes in plants that naturally assist digestion. Understanding the benefits of this diet plan can help determine if it is the best solution for personal wants and needs.

Reduced Cholesterol:

The diet plan focuses on getting at least 75 percent of the diet raw and adds the little meat or animal products to the plan. As a result of the high content of plant-based foods and the low amount of high-fat meat products, cholesterol levels in raw foodists are often within the healthiest possible ranges.

Anyone who has struggled with high cholesterol will see benefits of eating a primarily raw diet because the reduced meat intake will result in healthier ranges.

Reduced Weight:

Struggling with weight is not an issue for anyone who opts to change to a raw diet plan. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains that make up the bulk of the raw diet are also naturally low in calories. It ‘s hard to eat enough calories from the raw foods to gain weight, and in most cases, the diet plan will result in a reduction of weight.

While the weight is reducing, it is important to take some supplements for vitamin D, calcium and vitamin B12 to avoid problems with the bones. This applies in particular to those who experience rapid weight loss because the sudden reduction in weight will sometimes cause reduced bone mass. The fact that any diet causes rapid weight loss, and it is recommended to take measures to prevent it.


Detoxifying the body of any hard metals, stagnant waste or other problems is a natural part of a raw diet plan. Eating several raw fruits and vegetables a day results in a high concentration of fiber. Fiber helps push out any waste that is stuck in the system.

The high amount of nutrition from fruits and vegetables is another key part of removing toxins from the body. Free radicals that slowly age the body are reduced as a result of vitamins and antioxidants found in raw fruits and vegetables, especially in the case of berries. Removing the free radicals is another important factor in good health.

Eating a primarily raw diet is not for everyone. While it has many health benefits and has been shown to result in fewer health problems and diseases, the diet plan is a little hard for some individuals to follow. Fortunately, any diet that includes more raw fruits and vegetables will see many similar benefits over time.

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Paleo Diet

A nutritional lifestyle referred to as the Paleo healthy diet, also known as the caveman diet, is getting to be increasingly well-known nowadays. This isn’t a regular fasting program that many nutritional plans offer. Rather, sticking with this will demand particular lifestyle modifications that are made to nurture your system in ways that individuals did in the ancient times.

This food plan is based on the thought of prehistoric habits. Before, humans were required to quest for their dinner and grow their vegetables and fruits. This is the means in which they cared for their bodies. They assumed that legumes, rice, and potatoes were hazardous to the bodies and should, therefore, be prohibited.

People started disregarding the prehistoric way of life when agriculture came about. After they had identified a way to supply their bodies with nourishment as well as how to store these food items, hunting became pointless. The animals that they consumed were given grains and legumes instead of wild grass. This became a significant adjustment in the eating routines of people since it supplied us with a different kind of nutrition.

The goal of the caveman lifestyle is to go back to the roots of our ancestors. You see, before agriculture took place, there were very few cases of a disease. As our eating habits gradually changed, certain health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes came to place. Also, it is undeniable that processed foods and junk foods have greatly contributed to the heightened rate of obesity.

Following the paleolithic diet will allow you to eat abundant amounts of animal protein such as eggs, poultry, and pork. You will not have to remove the fatty parts. Additionally, you could use the bones as a source of flavor for stocks and broth. There is no limit to the vegetables you should eat. In fact, you can eat them raw, frozen, or cooked.

Your dishes should be low in carbohydrates, moderate in animal protein, and high in fat. You will not have to count calories nor will you have to control your portions. What is important is that you eat the right food and avoid the “toxic” elements. Dairy products should be eliminated from your recipes with the exception of butter as well as heavy cream.

The fundamental concept that it supports is that men and women ought to stick to their natural instincts. To do this, you should discover ways to listen to your body. If you are feeling hungry, then it’s your body’s way of letting you know that you have to have more nutrients. In reality, you won’t even be required to eat three meals a day. Also, it is advisable to keep your workout routines brief yet rigorous.

This dietary strategy has aroused some dispute among medical researchers as it is rather odd compared to the eating habits that we are accustomed to. Nonetheless, many individuals have seen its impact on the prevention of various conditions. If you would like to try some Paleo healthy diet recipes, then you will probably come across numerous sources on the web.


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The great vaccine debate

In my experience vaccines are something that people feel VERY passionately about one way or the other.  It can be understandably difficult for those on either side of this issue to be able to hear out why the other parties feel the way they do.  “The Doctors” took on this very topic in their show in December 2008.  It might have been years ago but it is still very relevant.